Cream Ornament - Bedding Set
Cream Ornament - Bedding Set
Cream Ornament - Bedding Set
Cream Ornament - Bedding Set
Cream Ornament - Bedding Set
Cream Ornament - Bedding Set

Cream Ornament - Bedding Set

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Sheet Type Fitted


100% natural yarns with sateen weave last longer than regular cotton and make it more shiny and silky. This fabric will offer you the utmost comfort and smoothness like luxurious hotel bedding. 

Our premium quality bedding gets softer with every wash and doesn't fade away, giving you a feel of luxury and comfort in just one buy. With good colour fastness and minimum shrinkage, you will experience long-lasting comfort for sure.

1 Duvet Cover, 1 Bed Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases.

— 100% Egyptian Cotton
— 500 Thread count in a sateen weave
— Breathable, Soft Touch
— Ethically Sourced
— Easy Iron
— Packaged in a reusable storage bag

— Machine wash on cool cycle up to 30°C.
— Line-drying (the best) or a dryer at low heat and a low tumble cycle
— Check out our full care guide care guide ➞

Find your Motif

Inspired by the beauty of nature, our Motif collection features uniquely designed bedding. With bold colors and intricate patterns, these designs are unlike any bedding you’ve ever seen.


100% Egyptian Cotton


500 Thread Count


Sateen has a naturally smooth silk-like feel, with a beautifully subtle shimmer


Silky Smooth

Le'ts ask our customers

What makes it special ?

Absolutely love this bedding. It’s feels smooth and luxurious, the attention to detail is brilliant, the pillow case pairs are left and right handed with the closures facing outwards according to the pattern. Duvet and pillow case closures all have Mother of Pearl buttons, just lovely. The photo doesn’t do it justice here as this is not where it’ll end up & everything clashes, but it will look stunning in it’s eventual location!


Annabel K.


Egyptian Cotton is known for being extra long & extra soft. It's rare, handpicked and created with love by farmers who use the finest organic soils to grow their crops. As a result it's silky soft, thicker than regular cotton and breathable.

Our duvet sets are machine washable and have durable construction that holds up over time. They should last a good while!

Our beautiful Golden Birds bedding set with lively colour will surely bring a touch of pure luxury to your bedroom.